Consumer Product Liability in Houston

If the product has been distributed without sufficient instructions and warnings, a product liability claim may be applicable. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide warnings for clear dangers, as well as hidden ones. Likewise, it is the consumer’s responsibility to follow the directions and warnings.When they fail to meet this duty, Texas products liability law allows consumers to recover for their injuries and other losses. Anyone who believes that they may have a claim based on an injury caused by a consumer product should discuss their case with an experienced Houston products liability attorney as soon as possible.Injuries that are caused by products are called product liability cases.. These products may be health care products, consumer products, food products,Liability for defects will be determined by the chain of commerce as the faulty product passes from the maker to the consumer. There are two main categories of product liability law that our Houston personal injury attorneys specialize in: defective products and pharmaceutical liability.Traditionally a leader in consumer protection law. climate change a less obvious candidate for mass tort litigation than, say, pharmaceutical product liability, air crashes, cigarettes, or even oil.Product Liability Corpus Christi Product Liability Attorney. When you purchase a product, you do so with the expectation that it is well-designed and safe for use. Unfortunately, manufacturers often prioritize profits over the safety of their customers.Houston-based appellate and civil litigation law firm wright. insurance defense and coverage, product liability, premises liability and personal injury defense, according to a statement. Founding.The Firm’s product liability case work has involved deaths and injuries including severe chemical and thermal burns, quadriplegia, blindness, hearing loss, emotional distress, cancer, neurological injury, pulmonary damage, physical trauma, psychological injury, and damage to blood and blood forming organs.Houston Product Liability Attorney Seeking Compensation for Consumers Hurt by Defective Products. Unfortunately, poorly designed or manufactured products are responsible for countless injuries and deaths each year. This is due to the all-too-often hazards posed by consumer products, including choking, burns, electrocution, and poisoning.When a company is negligent and makes or sells a product that causes harm to a consumer, a products liability case may be made. A products.