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For individuals, identity theft can create huge problems, which is why it is important to have some form of protection in place. Protection such as LifeLock is affordable and can be very effective.Identity theft is the crime of obtaining the personal or financial information of another person for the sole purpose of assuming that person’s name or identity to make transactions or purchases.4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft As people share increasing volumes of personal information online and on mobile devices,and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., fired off a series of questions about, among other things, whether the White House will pay for or provide credit services to any of those whose personal information could be.Identity theft is on the rise. Identity theft is becoming more and more common each year. In 2017, hackers stole the personal information of 148 million Americans in a single breach. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 74 robberies every hour in the United States – but nearly 2,000 identity theft events.Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else’s identity, usually as a method to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and other benefits in the other person’s name, and perhaps to the other person’s disadvantage or loss. The person whose identity has been assumed may suffer adverse consequences, especially if they are held responsible for the perpetrator’s actions.Report identity (ID) theft to the federal trade commission (ftc) online at or by phone at 1-877-438-4338. If you report identity theft online, you will receive an identity theft report and a recovery plan.LifeLock monitors for identity theft and threats. Sign up with one of the most trusted identity theft protection providers to help safeguard your credit, identity and bank accounts against identity theft.Your Discover Identity Theft Protection membership, includes up to $1MM of Identity Theft Insurance, which may cover certain out of pocket expenses you have incurred as a result of identity theft. For more information, please call 1-800-347-3995 .identity theft protection can be implemented in a number of different ways by consumers, banks and businesses. There are a number of ways.

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